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Austin Matthew Edens Legislative Intern

You would think your senior year of high school, one would partake in the classic bandwagon train of “senioritis” where the last few moments of your high school career is spent more with friends than anything else – nope, not for this week’s Campus Celebrity, Austin Matthew Edens! Originally from El Paso, Texas, Edens took part in a highly selective internship at the 16th congressional district office, located in El Paso. His consistent work ethic and motivation to subdue away from the typical senioritis and focus more on academia has led him on this journey to the district.

It all started when he received several scholarships to play college ball. At the second semester of his senior year, he decided that choosing academics over sports weighs out in the long run than the possibility of wondering if he would ever become a professional player. Eventually, his career aspirations through academics lined up to his professional aspirations – a few months later and here he is in Washington D.C. studying communications, legal institutions, economics, and government (CLEG) here at AU.

Today, Austin has proved himself to be a one-of-a-kind guy with originality and generosity. His last minute, senior year aspirations has led him to become a legislative intern with a Beto O’Rourke, the congressman he had originally worked with during his senior year of high school. With working hard in the office and enjoying his freshman year at American, Austin still partakes in various other activities around campus – one of which includes pledging for the Delta Tau Delta fraternity on campus. Similar to football, he says that being a part of a fraternity will give him the opportunity to experience a similar aspect of brotherhood.

With living the dream in DC and pledging for a fraternity that emblems high standards through their GPA (2nd highest at AU) and balancing the “work hard, play hard” aspect, Eden plans to further his aspirations by pursuing a law degree in the future and practicing constitutional law. Essentially, his end goal is to “make the world a better place,” as he states. Additionally he hopes to achieve a phD in Philosophy or Political science.

Whether it’s working in the office or raising money for his fraternity’s philanthropy, you are sure to find this campus celebrity living the dream and making a name for himself as he lives and grows to be the man he is, right here in the district!

Just a Desert Girl fulfilling her dreams in the Concrete Jungle of the District of Columbia. B.S. Public Health/Biology @AmericanU - The One & Only, your favorite Moroccan, Xo.
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