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This AU Student Created Her Own Website – And You Should Too

It’s no secret that our world is becoming more and more tech-centered. We know our “social media footprint” is made up of the usual apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook - yet, what if our online presence could not only be used for connection, but for creation? Coming into American University, Jessica Sayson De Jesus had this exact idea. Rather than introducing Jessica myself, I’ll let her personal website do the work for me.



Since the early MySpace days, Jessica has remembered following online fashion influencers and bloggers. Growing up with a wider access to internet than any other generation, teenagers like Jessica were beginning to use the internet as a creative platform forming blogs on websites like Tumblr to create online communities. Not only were these communities based around beauty and fashion, but topics like poetry and creative writing. These were the blogs that by the time Jessica had come to college, made her realize that she wanted to turn her passion for writing into a career. This was when Jessica started her personal website, creating a blog, an artistic outlet and a resume for potential employers, all in one link.

Not only do these websites serve as a creative outlet, but a digital portfolio as well. They can give employers an insight on your personality and your skills, easing the pressure of presentation during an interview. Adding a contact page is a great way to show availability for potential social and career opportunities. If you’re more introverted or shy of public speaking, a personal website may be just what you need.

Creating a personal website can seem daunting, especially for someone with limited coding skills. But, fear not! There are plenty of user friendly, beginner websites that allow for endless creativity when starting a blog. Websites like Wix make it easy to launch your personal platform with pre-set layouts and website formats. Jessica also gave us some tips on how to create beautiful fonts, like using the app “Word Swag." The process can become overwhelming, but take it slow, because the final product will be well worth it.

Putting yourself out there on the internet is a scary and vulnerable thing, so it is okay to not get that confidence overnight. As Jessica puts it, “Everything around us moves so fast, and despite our campus culture and the vibe of Washington D.C., it’s okay to take time to figure it out. You’ll be shocked at how much you can grow once you start.”


Visit Jessica’s website at: www.jessicajoydejesus.com.

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Denise Rogozin

American '22

Denise is currently majoring in Public Relations and Strategic Communication at American University. Denise was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Aside from writing for HerCampus, she loves music and is a frequent visitor of DC's art scene.
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