AU Queers and Allies Secretary: Dylan Patzi '20

Name: Dylan Patzi

Major: CLEG + Justice and Law double major

Hometown: San Diego, California

Her Campus American University: What are your goals after college?

Dylan Patzi: I don’t have any specific job goals yet, and I don’t think that I necessarily will. I think that my goal is to help fight inequality in the justice system. Hopefully, I can work to abolish the prison system. I also want to help fix policies that disenfranchise people of color and those who are poor.

HCAU: What are you involved with on campus?

DP: I am the secretary for Queers and Allies, I’m mostly involved with that. Right now I am working on starting a Latino fraternity that will hopefully be up and running by next semester. Those are my main things, although I would love to be move involved with the art scene on campus.

HCAU: What’s your favorite snack?

DP: I really like to munch on nacho Doritos.

HCAU: What’s your favorite book and why?

DP: My favorite book is “Are Prisons Obsolete?” By Angela Davis, who I love and adore. I even saw her at the Women’s March! It’s a very academic book, it evaluates why our system doesn't work and makes you rethink what prisons are. It has really changed my view of the criminal justice system.

HCAU: What has been your most embarrassing college moment so far?

DP: I have a lot of those. During my freshman year I was locked out of my room right after I took a shower, I had to go downstairs to get a temp. While I was standing at the front desk in just a towel, a tour group came into the building and they all saw me in literally just a towel!

HCAU: What five things would you bring with you on a deserted island?

DP: A watch, my dog, a first aid kit, a Swiss army knife, and a nice book.

HCAU: Describe yourself in three words.

DP: Dedicated, passionate, powerful.

HCAU: Who is your role model?

DP: Myself. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but I find that you can be your own role model, I amaze myself sometimes. I have a lot of role models, I look up to my dad and my grandmother. They inspire me everyday and are such incredible people.

HCAU: What’s your favorite place in D.C.?

DP: I always find myself loving the back of the Lincoln Memorial at sunset. I’ve been on many dates there, it’s magical. It even makes awkward dates magical. It’s so specific to D.C., you don’t get that feeling anywhere else.


All images belong to Dylan Patzi.