Ask Her: Roommate Troubles

Dear Her: I am a freshman and my roommate and I aren’t getting along. I am stuck in a lease but I am not sure how to stick it out. 

Sincerely, Stuck in a Lease

Dear Stuck in a Lease: I know it can be difficult living alone for the first time and with new people! It is a whole lot of change, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Living situations are not permanent and it is important to make the best of the situation. One of the most important things that I can tell you is that you need to plan a time where you can get out of the house. Whether this is walking to a local coffee shop or taking a trip with a friend, I assure you that by spending time outside of the house, you will be a lot happier. As you begin to find your own friend group and branch out, you won’t feel as dependent on your roommate, and that relationship will most definitely improve. It takes a lot to learn to live with someone and you are doing an amazing job! Give yourself the credit you deserve!


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Photo Credit: Her Campus Media Library