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Annie Buller ’13: American Literary Magazine Co-Editor

Some people like to write, some always write, and some edit writing. Meet Annie Buller: master of all of the above.

One of the two editors-in-chief of AmLit, Annie Buller works with Marlena Serviss to pick editorial boards, send e-mails, schedule meetings and so much more. American Literary is AU’s primary student-run creative arts outlet on campus. They publish twice a year at the end of each semester, comprising of poetry, short prose, photos and art. Annie organizes submissions from students and oversees the publishing process.

Before coming to American, Annie lived in Vernon, Connecticut, twenty minutes outside of Hartford. She says “its an obscure little town where not a lot happens,” making Washington her home, filled with excitement, for now. Last spring semester she studied abroad in Dublin, Ireland and enjoyed the experience immensely despite the rain.

In class, Annie works toward her literature major and creative writing minor. Showing her dedication to the magazine, Annie made it her thesis because it is such a time commitment. She cites British Literature with Professor Wenthe her favorite class, after calling several family members to tell them how excited she was about the course. 

Annie also has made time to work at the Urban Outfitters in Chinatown since her freshman year. For fun, she loves eating bagels and ice cream and wises she had the super power to turn into any animal she wanted to, mostly likely a cat so she could nap in the sun. Who wouldn’t want that?

Visit AmLit’s website for more information about the publication.

Born and raised in Princeton, New Jersey, Claire Shriver is a Public Communication major and Marketing minor at American University in Washington, DC. She is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus American, Vice President of Communication for AU Social Media Club and an AU Ambassador. This past summer she interned in the Features Department at Marie Claire magazine and has a passion for travel, magazines, and film photography. Kristen Wiig makes Claire cry with laughter and Adele makes her swoon.
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