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Anna Kendricks Hosts SNL

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This past Sunday Anna Kendricks hosted the 17th episode of season 39 of Saturday Night Live, and she did a great job doing it. There were a lot of memorable skits of the night, and I found myself laughing pretty hard at a few of them!

The French Dance skit was one of the weirdest videos I’ve seen in a long time, but it’s SNL so that shouldn’t be surprising. It was absolutely hilarious though and highly entertaining. It was full of completely ridiculous high energy dancing and French stereotypes (not to mention a “Cup Song” performance form Pitch Perfect). Also, anything with Taran Killam is always fabulous, so I enjoyed this skit a lot even though I had almost no idea what was going on!

The weekend update skit with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, played by Kate McKinnon, was absolutely hilarious. I love every time she makes an appearance on the Weekend Update sketches, but this one was one of my favorites. She discussed the current international issue with Putin and Russia. McKinnon’s character talked about her conversations with Putin and complained about how she feels she has so much stress being the peacekeeper in the world. McKinnon’s accent and witty lines are hysterical and always enjoyable. This skit didn’t feature Anna Kendricks but it was one of the best of the night!

The Zoo field trip skit had its funny moments. Principal Frye, played by Jay Pharoah, was probaby the funniest character in this skit and I laughed every time he came in with his over the top “attention teachers and students” line. But Anna Kendricks had her admirable lines too. This skit was basically about the ridiculous things kids do at the zoo like feed an Iguana Four Loko or giving a smart phone to a monkey who then sets up a snap chat account. I’ll admit it was pretty entertaining. It wasn’t my favorite of the night but still commenable! 

The Big Joe skit was actually pretty funny. Again, Taran Killam makes everything 10 times better. His character “Big Joe” is a massive guy who can’t even lift a rock to save Anna Kendrick’s brother, played by Bobby Moynihan. The skit “Flirty” was the most painfully awkward skit I have ever seen in my life. If you don’t mind cringing while watching than I’d say check it out.

Not to mention, Pharrell Williams was the musical guest, and anytime I hear the song “Happy” I’m (as the title implies) so happy. He performed an upbeat performance with backup dancers included. There were a lot more skits that were part of this SNL episode, so go check them out on Hulu or NBC. Seth Rogen is hosting the next SNL episode with musical guest Ed Sheeran. That’s definitely going to be a great one, so make sure you tune in!


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