Alison Pigott '17

As one of our Valentine's Day cutie series, it's not hard to tell why Alison Pigott received a submission by an admirer! Her Campus American got the opportunity to sit down with this charming cutie to discuss - among many things - her quirks, love for adventure, and favorite hidden AU study spot.

Name: Alison Pigott 

Major: Double Major in History and Spanish Studies 

Her Campus American University: Where are you from? 

Alison Pigott: I'm from the suburbs of Chicago. My favorite place there is this fake beach downtown where they had to bring in sand because it's not there naturally. It has a really great view of the skyline and the lake, though!

HC AU:  Which organizations are you involved in on campus?

AP: I'm in the orchestra. I play the flute and also work at the Music Library in Katzen. 

HC AU: What's your favorite place in DC? 

AP: Eastern Market! I found these really cheap, erotic postcards there once. I love finding random trinkets.

HC AU: Favorite place to hangout on campus? 

AP: The sculpture garden outside of Katzen. I like to sit in the garden and read; I feel like it's a spot on campus that's really underappreciated!

HC AU: If you could pick one album to listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

AP: Sunlit Youth by Local Natives. Local Natives was the band that really helped me  transition into college.

HC AU: What's one thing you want to do before you die? 

AP: I would love to go to Instabul. There's so much history there. I want to see the mosques, Hagia Sophia, the Grand Bazaar - and basically just everything there!

HC AU: Who's your female idol?

AP: Princess Leia. I grew up with Star Wars and I think it was so progressive for a movie made during the '70s to feature a woman who took charge and pretty much led all the men. She served as an inspiration for me, especially compared to the other stuff I was used to seeing. 

HC AU: What's a quirk you have that not a lot of people know about?

AP: I'm obsessed with choosing what to wear. Only my roommates really know how much effort I put into picking out an outfit each morning. Which is funny because sometimes I don't even match!


Photo Credit: All photos provided by Alison Pigott