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Aleshia Faust, Community Coordinator

May I present Aleshia Faust, a winner of our Valentine’s Day Capus Cutie Contest!

Her Campus American University: What is your role at AU?

Aleshia Faust: I’m a Community Coordinator for Housing and Dining. I’m the liaison with the Berkshire apartments; my role is a combination of a Resident Assistant and a Community Director. I address concerns that come up, roommate conflicts, facilities issues…

HC AU: How did you get to this role?

AF: I was an RA in my undergrad, and I won the RA of the Year Award. Then I became an assistant resident director before I was a Community Coordinator.

HC AU: What and where did you study?

AF: I studied business at Washington College, a small private liberal arts college. Now I’m in Grad school at AU studying sociology. In a lot of ways they’re very different, but they have a similar way of learning.

HC AU: Where are you from originally?

AF: I’m from Philadelphia, but I’ve also lived in Atlanta, Virginia, Maryland, DC, Ohio, North Carolina, Alabama… I think that’s it. My parents liked to move around a lot, which makes it easier for me to travel—I have friends everywhere.

HC AU: What do you like to do in your free time?

AF: I like to go to open mic events, especially at Busboys and Poets, talks about social justice, travel, and take in the Baltimore art scene. I’m excited for the weather to get better so I can enjoy it more. I write poetry too…I haven’t done it yet but my goal is to get up at an open mic event.

HC AU: What is your favorite thing about American University?

AF: The students. I love working with students and the relationships that you build—they tell you when good things happen, they tell you when bad things happen, the relational aspect is amazing.

HC AU: What are you passionate about?

AF: Dialogue around identity and what that means to people. I’m really interested in how we come to understand our identities and intersectionality. I’m also passionate about women’s issues and racial issues. I facilitate discussions on these subjects through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI). I’m also passionate about food, when I travel that’s the number one thing I’m looking for: “what food spots can I go to?”

HCAU: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

AF: Live life for myself, and not to let other people dictate what we do…we get so wrapped up in doing things for others that we forget to be our authentic sleves.


Photo belongs to Aleshia Faust.


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