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8 Things You Might Not Know About the Davenport Coffee Lounge

The Davenport, popularly known as "The Dav", is a hip little coffee shop located in the SIS building. Even if you're a regular here, there's still some stuff you might not know! 

  1. If you’re getting an iced chai, and you’re in a rush, get an iced Oregon chai rather than a regular iced chai. It’s a chai concentrate rather than a powder, so the person in the back makes it, not the barista. Thus, you get to skip the long line of drinks waiting to be made! Plus, Oregon chai is super yummy.


2. There’s a discount if you use a mug! .25 cents off of drip coffee, and .10 cents off other drinks. You can either bring your own, or use one from the Dav. This doesn’t just work for hot drinks, you can get iced drinks like lemonade and iced tea in reusable mug too!



3. Speaking of which, there are perks to using a mug, besides the discount. The Dav has a stamp system, kind of like a rewards card of sorts. You get a business card, and every time you use a reusable mug, you get a stamp on it. Once you hit 12 stamps, you can redeem it for a free drink!



4. If you drink coffee every day, and hate waiting in line, join the Mug Club! For a $100 fee at the beginning of the semester, you get a student designed mug which entitles you to unlimited drip coffee without waiting in line for the entire semester!



5. Sparkling lemonade is amazing when you add peach and raspberry into it. It’s honestly crazy good. Speaking of which, sometimes the Dav has lavender syrup, which can be made into lavender sparkling lemonade that is also so good!


6. Vietnamese coffee is 4 shots of espresso and condensed milk. It’s good, but it’s a lot of caffeine. For the same thing but smaller, get a cafe con leche! Then you can choose to only have one or two shots, but still get the taste of espresso and condensed milk. 


7. The third Thursday of every month, the Dav hosts an open mic night. Anyone can perform, and it doesn’t have to be music, you can read poetry too! They also hold after hours events sometimes with different on campus organizations.


8. Every semester on study day during finals week, the Dav has free shot day! When you buy something you get a free espresso shot you can add to your drink or get it by itself.




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