8 Annoying People on Social Media

We break down the most annoying people on social media. We hope you're not guilty of any of these!

1. There is the over-sharer. This person has managed to clog your newsfeed and timeline before you've gotten out bed in the morning. Seriously no one cares that you had a bagel for breakfast. Keep somethings about your life to yourself and off the worldwide web. 

2. The overly affectionate social media couple. We get it you guys are dating. We feel like we're part of the relationship. Every Wednesday she is his woman crush Wednesday and every Monday he is her Man Crush Monday. Congratulations on having the perfect relationship, but try to resist an Instagram spam of every datenight. It's making the rest of us sick. 


3. The hyper-activist. You're really passionate about a cause, that's awesome and we are so proud of you! Can you try to limit it two sharing just one article from Jezebel a day though. Some of us can only handle so much world saving in our short social media study breaks.

4. The obsessive hash-tagger. Literally we can't even read the comment on that picture because it is overloaded with hastags. We can't explain why it's annyoning, but we all know that it is. 

5. The Compliment Fisher. We all know the girl that posts a picture to Facebook with a caption that says something like "I look awful in this, but..." Just stop. We all know that you are hoping that someone will comment on that picture telling you how beautiful you are. It looks pretty desperate and if you really thought you looked that bad in the picture you never would have never posted it in the first place. 

6. The Unfriendly tagger. This person is usually a frenemy of yours. There is nothing worse than waking up Monday morning to see that you have been tagged in a picture. When you go and look at the picture you see that when it was taken you were caught mid-sneeze, but your "friend" still posted it because she thinks she looks great. 

7. The Chronic Partier. Seriously do you even take classes? We are all for having a good time and telling people about it, but we could do without some things. For example, your live-tweeting of the pre-game, a vine of a grindfest at the party, and then some embarassing screenshots of your best friends post-game passout.

8. The passive aggressive tweeter. Their timeline is full of subtweets. Maybe they're looking for attention, or just have problems reaching out. Either way it needs to be stopped. Maybe everyone just needs a therapy session and a nice group hug. 

Were watching your social media presence American, don't let this be you!

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