7 Ways to Put a Fall Twist on Traditional Recipes

Every season has its uniquely themed foods. Fall foods are all that much more fun because not only is it Halloween season, but it’s also apple picking and pumpkin season! There are so many fun foods to make in the fall, and it is so easy to put fun twists on traditional recipes. Here are 7 simple recipes for fall themed treats!

1. Spiderweb Pizza

Who doesn't love pizza?! This recipe is very simple; just start with crust and cut up strips of cheese. By layering the cheese in a strategic pattern, you can create the looks of a spiderweb. Add an olive cut up in a few different places to create a head, some legs, and a torso and you have the full effect of a spider web without the fear of a real spider!

2. Pumpkin Themed Stuffed Peppers

Why eat boring stuffed peppers when you can turn them into cute little pumpkins instead? Basically the only difference between this recipe and your typical stuffed pepper recipe is the design of the peppers. For this meal, orange bell peppers are preferable but any color bell pepper will do. Simply cut the top off and remove the inside of the pepper. Then take a paring knife and cut little triangle eyes, a mouth design and a little triangle nose on one side of the pepper. Then stuff the pepper and cook with the top on as you normally would!

3. Mummy Brownies

This is the easiest recipe ever! You can use any boxed brownie mix to make these brownies. Take some white chocolate chips and melt them in your microwave while the brownies cool down. Pour the melted chocolate into a Ziploc bag and cut one of the corners off.  Drizzle the chocolate as desired on the brownies and add candy eyeballs and voila! Easy and spooky mummy brownies.

4. Pumpkin Pie Dip

With four simple ingredients you can create a yummy dessert dip to eat with your favorite cookies. You can create this delicious dip with a can of pumpkin puree, a container of cool whip, a package of vanilla instant pudding, and (if desired) some pumpkin pie spice.

5. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats

This is a fun twist on a childhood favorite! You need all the traditional Rice Krispie Treat materials as well as orange food coloring, rolos, and green M&M’s.  Once you’ve added the food coloring to the Rice Krispie mix, take evenly sized handfuls of the mix, and shape it into pumpkin like balls. Add a rolo to the top center and a sideways M&M coming out from it to create a stem and green leaf and you're done!

6. Caramel Apples

So you picked like 5 bags of apples and took all those cute pictures last week, and now what? The options are endless: apple pie, apple bake...but why not go for a caramel apple? Wash and thoroughly dry the apples and then take some soft caramels and melt them. Dunk the apples in the caramel dip and decorate with nuts, chocolate, candy, and whatever your heart desires. Then place them in the fridge to harden and you’re all done!

7. Fall Trail Mix

Take this basic snack and turn it into a fun fall party dish! Add pretzels, chex mix, raisins, M&M’s, marshmallows, and candy corn to make it a little more fall themed. Add a little flare to your next snack!

These treats are perfect to pair with your favorite fall beverage while cuddling up by the fire.  Enjoy these delicious treats!

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