6 Types of (Unrequited) Crushes

There are so many cliches and reoccurring tropes about love, but what people may not know is there are common themes among crushes too. 

1. The “I Want To Be in Love”

This one is all about hopeless romantic people who get caught up being, well, hopelessly romantic. It is hard to admit that you thought it was love but it was really just wishful thinking. Getting caught in a fantasy leads to getting let down. But having a little fun falling in love doesn’t do any real harm to anyone. Sometimes you gotta state the truth: It’s not you . . . it’s my idealized version of you. Romance movies, shows, and books make us think we're all just waiting for a prince or princess to take us away. I find myself asking "Where is my Augustus Waters?" so thanks a lot, John Green. We can get so caught up in getting swept off our feet we fall flat on our faces. 


2. The “Best Friends But I’ve Thought About It”

Most of us have had a close friend that we, at one point, were like . . . yeah I’d go there. Sometimes we do end up dating someone that was once just a friend. Other times we remain friends with our attraction hidden like dirty magazine under the bed.

3. The “Credentials”

Do I like this person or do they just fit the description? The Tinder bio may be sublime, but attraction and personality are actually important. Ever meet someone that checks all the boxes? How great someone is can complicate things, and it’s easy to get caught up in how much you like parts of someone. But the real issue is figuring out if your crush is the cutie or the credentials.

4. The “Maybe I’m Gay”

Deep down, we would all LOVE to date a celebrity or two. There’s almost always that one person who is just so great you don’t know if you’re attracted or if they’re just attractive. Depending on your sexuality, this could be meaninglessly noticing their nice features, or . . . this crush could lead to some important questions.

5. The “I’m Too Attracted”

Love may be blind, but attraction is not.

Some people are just hot. Too hot, honestly. And sometimes we act ridiculous around them because of our unknown infautation with their existence. A study has shown that dating someone way more attractive than you causes issues. Dating a person above one's level often leads to overprotective, insecure, and jealous habits . . . so maybe let’s just keep this one a secret.

6. The “Damn They Dress Fine”

Let’s be honest, the way to a person's heart is through their style.

Some people just have the whole fashion thing figured out. And it can be so hot. Some styles really accentuate a look and make someone 200% more attractive. Sometimes it gets to the point when you might realize the person isn’t as attractive as you thought, that you were misled by how cool their clothes are. This just points out how you can boost your own magnetism by getting some new fits.

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