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6 Twitter Accounts To Follow Now

Twitter is one of the biggest forms of social media today. Twitter may only allow 140 character tweets but that doesn’t stop its over 230 million active users from tweeting away, 100 million of those tweeting on a daily basis. According to Social Media Today, over 5,000 tweets are sent every single second. Crazy! If you’re one of the millions of users who use Twitter, here are some great accounts to follow and spice up your Twitterfeed.


This twitter posts hilarious tweets and pictures that every college student can relate to. These tweets are the struggles of a college student in a nutshell? From the huge workloads, to the battle between school work vs. Netflix, to empty bank accounts, you’re sure to find something you relate on your Twitterfeed when you follow @CollegeStudent.


Need a pick me up? Check out this twitter! No one can resist the adorable pictures of baby animals. It’s impossible to look through their tweets and not smile or say “awww” just like the little guy in this picture.


Remember the days of AIM? Instant messaging was the coolest thing in middle school, but those days have definitely changed. Reminisce on some of your AIM memories with this twitter account. You’ll feel embarrassed by how many of these away messages you actually used to write…


We all need a little motivation sometimes, especially when it comes to working out and staying in shape. @BeFitMotivation posts tweets and pictures of short workouts, healthy foods and motivating messages to get you ready to work out! Go follow this twitter and you may even learn new exercises or switch up your work out routine.


Adam Young, better known as Owl City, surprisingly has absolutely hilarious tweets. They are completely random and weird but awesome at the same time. Many are strangely very relatable. It’s also cool because you know it’s actually him who’s tweeting, not like most artists or celebrities who have another person tweet for them. He responds to a lot of his fans. If you’re looking for more “creative” and fun tweets, make sure to follow @OwlCity.


And last but certainly not least, @HerCampusAU! Make sure you follow us on Twitter! Get updated on articles that are being posted  as well as events that are happening on campus.

Happy tweeting, Collegiettes!

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