6 Things That Happen on Preview Day

With hundreds of accepted students touring American University's campus, things are bound to be thrown off balance. The university feels overwhelmingly crowded as both current and future students infiltrate all campus spaces, from Starbucks to the MGC bathrooms. And for us current students, we notice that things are just not normal. 

Asian Flavors has customers. Possibly their first customers.

You get asked for directions to buildings by their full name. 

"Where is the Terrace Dining Hall? Uh... Mary... Mary Gradon Center?"

Campus Beautification Day makes the campus appear especially spring-y. You fight the urge to tell prospies that we just survived seven months of winter.

The Quad did not look like this last week. I repeat, the Quad did not look like this last week.

People at the Dav are trying to pay with credit cards. 

Walking around campus becomes treacherous, and people who are lost walk INCREDIBLY slow.

And the food at TDR suddenly becomes abundant and delicious. 


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