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6 Things Being Sick Will Teach You About College

Many things about college are inevitable, like presentations, group projects, and running out of meal swipes. But perhaps the worst inevitable thing to happen while at college, is getting sick. Yup, there’s nothing like getting “the plague” only a month into school, and not knowing how to balance that on top of all the other work you have. It’s truly struggle city. However getting sick can also be an educational experience. Here are a list of 6 things that being sick will teach you about college.

1. Denial is the worst. If you’re sick, you’re sick. Refusing to acknowledge it doesn’t make the cold go away, no matter how hard you try.

2. Parents will ALWAYS come in clutch. Nothing is better than calling up mom and dad, to tell them you are sick. Why? Because within a few days, you’ll be sitting in front of a get-well care package that will put all other care packages to shame.

3. School goes on, whether or not you’re there. We tend to ignore the warning signs that a cold is coming, because we are afraid of being behind in homework and major assignments. Truth is, what would you rather have? Bad grades on assignments you couldn’t focus on because you didn’t feel well, or good grades on everything because you took the time to get better?

4. Not everyone understands. There will be teachers who won’t care if you had a 103 fever or if you can barely stand up straight, because they think their class is the only one that matters. If this is the case, weight out your pros and cons. Is it worth it to miss one day of this class? If the answer is no, be prepared to bring your sick bed to class. #StudentLife

5. But friends always will. Real friends bring food, medicine, and tissues to your room, and don’t point out the fact that you look like death warmed over.

6. Netflix cures illnesses. It’s a scientific fact that you feel 1000% better after watching a few episodes of Parks and Recreation. Okay maybe it’s not a scientific fact, but it really should be.

7. Put yourself before everything else. This is something that we don’t all do, and it is super important. Self-care should always go above anything else you have on your plate. Clubs, sports, and homework will all be there in a day or two. So rest up, take some medicine, and feel better! 

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