5 Ways to Survive Finals the Her Campus Way

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s finals time. This means days of calculating exactly what you have to get on your final to pass the class while drinking too much coffee and spontaneously breaking down into tears in the basement of Club Lib. It’s not fun.

That being said, it is only a week. So like Kate Winslet in that plane crash movie, we’re going to survive. While there’s not much HC can do to help you crank out a 10 page paper, we can provide some tips for how to get through the week virtually unscathed.


1. Alba Botanica’s Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes Cooling Eye-Revive Gel

We all know too much espresso and not enough sleep is a nasty combo. However, during Finals Week that saggy eyed and dreary persona of a night gone sour is pretty commonplace on campus. With this eye revival gel from Alba Botanica, you’ll feel and look a little less dead outside (even if you’re internally begging to be sent to the grave.)

2. Being Salted Caramel & Macadamia Hand Cream and Cloudberry & Lychee Blossom Hand Cream

It’s cold, immune levels are down and stress levels are up. With Being’s delicious smelling hand creams, your palms will be moisturized during those long open-response questions during exams and you’ll have some aroma therapy to keep you sane.


3. ActuallySheCan Tanks, created in partnership with Le Motto

No one wants to wear real clothes when they’re spending all day studying in the library. The #ActuallySheCan Tanks are soft to the touch and pair perfectly with some leggings – an all-nighter staple outfit. The messages on the shirts are also all about motivation and perseverance – something we could all use a little more of right now.

4. Krazy Glue

Because the world might be falling apart but you have to keep your sh*t together.

5. Tarte’s PRO Palette and Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara

Come Friday night, we’re all going to thanking our lucky stars for helping us get through the week. After 5 days of looking like Satan-incarnate, pull out Tarte’s Light, Camera, Lashes mascara to get long lashes with zero clumps and Tarte’s PRO Palette for the smoky eyes of your dreams. The world deserves to know you came, you saw, and (since the professors haven’t released the final grades yet) you conquered.

Photos: Credit to HCAU Social Team