5 Ways to Get Peaceful Sleep in a College Dorm

Transitioning from the solitude of your own room to a lively college residence hall can be tough for many first-year college students, especially if you’ve never shared a room with another person before. Between noisy housemates and the paper-thin walls, it can be hard to get a good night's sleep (or midday nap). Below are five things you can do to ensure a peaceful night of beauty sleep.

1. Invest in a pair of earplugs.

Foam earplugs have always worked wonders for people seeking undisturbed slumber. They’re affordable, comfortable and come in dozens of fun colors. Not only can you wear earplugs during sleep, but you can also use them when studying and reading as well. Earplugs are an easy fix and will definitely give you the sleep you deserve. (There are free ones at the library!)

2. Create white background noise.

White noise is one of the most effective ways to drown out unwanted noise because the pitch doesn’t change. You can easily generate white noise by using a personal fan or downloading apps like Relax Melodies that offer tons of relaxing sounds that’ll have you asleep in no time.

3. Go for a walk!

Going for a walk or run around campus a few hours before bedtime will help clear your head. You’re also likely to be more fatigued, making it easier to ease into sleep. Taking a walk closer to your bedtime also allows some of the noise to dissipate as your hall’s quiet hour approaches.

4. Listen to your favorite slow jams.

Slower-paced tunes can be comforting and soothing to some people before bedtime. Music is one of the most popular relaxation aids and it also helps with drowning out noise. So long as the rhythm isn’t too upbeat, music is a great way to settle down before bed. 

5. Be bold and bring light to the issue.

If none of the other options suit you, you can always politely ask your neighbors adjust their volume. Your residence halls are a shared space and everyone should feel comfortable in their own living place. Most people are super friendly and accommodating, so don’t be intimidated. Speak up!

If all else fails, speaking to your resident assistant about the issue always helps. Your RA is there to help find solutions to any housing related issues, so make sure you can talk to  yours. In the meantime, give one of these solutions a shot. Happy dreaming!

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