5 Types of Anxiety You Experience on Social Media

In a day and age, where almost everyone you know is on some form of social media, it can sometimes bring out the best (or worst) in us. Below are a couple of the common "side effects" of constantly being on social media.


1. Sass: When you can see that someone is on Facebook, but isn't answering your messages. Like excuse me? I see you! 

So when they finally answer, you throw some shade their way. That’s right. 


2. Disbelief: After posting a new instagram picture, you see your friend liking other friend's photos, but for some reason not yours?

Like girl, you better have a good reason if you liked her picture 3 min ago and I posted mine 2 min ago. 


3. Discomfort: Two of your best friends fighting? One puts up an old childhood picture on their Snapchat story with a morbid caption “Funny how things change.” 

Ooh, man. This is awkward


4. Confusion: Do you like or not like this person's Instagram? If she likes mine sometimes, and I like her's occasionally, are we even?

5. Anger: Don't send me a snap to something I wasn't invited to! Do you want to be slapped in the face? 



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