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5 Things Women Deserve on a Daily Basis


Male or female, we all deserve respect. However, we live in a world in which respect for women is not equal to that of men. It should never be an expectation to be cat-called on the street when walking by a group of men. It should also not be a norm for male friends to toss sexual comments or jokes our way without a second thought. We all know how uncomfortable the two are. 

Women should not feel ashamed to feel uncomfortable in situations where we don’t ask for such treatment. We should never feel lesser as women. We are not objects to be played with or paintings to be gawked at. We deserve to not be objectified in every day life. We deserve the respect that men give each other. We deserve to walk down the street regardless of what we are wearing without the fear that we will be pointed out. We deserve to feel safe and comfortable around male friends without them touching, talking or poking fun at our bodies without our permission. We deserve better than that. We deserve resepect.


As women are supposed to “watch our weight” and turn down those extra calories that just might push us over the edge. But guess what, I love cake! I love ice cream, pie, cookies and sometimes I like to combine all three into one! Ladies, if you’re timid about reaching for that extra piece of cake, or taking an extra scoop of mint chocolate chip for fear of “looks”, stop. We deserve to enjoy those delicious treats just as much as anyone else. Women, we need to stop judging each other when it comes to food…some people are probably just jealous and want it just as bad as you. So take that cake and scoop that ice cream. You deserve it!


On the other hand, we should also not be judged for eating healthy. Just because I choose a salad over a cheeseburger does not mean I’m on a diet or self conscious of my body. Eating healthy does not mean eating lighter. Salad is delicious but it is considered a stereotype food for women. When men eat salad it is considered demasculating because it is too feminine for their apetite. But what does this say about women? Food should have no gender. Food is food and everyone deserves to eat what they want.

Allowance To Be Emotional 

Is it that time of the month? We’ve all heard of this one before. That time when you are being a little too emotional or moody and your significant other or friend assumes it must be that time of the month? You don’t deserve to be called a bitch every time you speak out or stand up for yourself. You don’t deserve to be labeled dramatic or a princess when you cry more than others or in general. Being emotional or upset does not label you as a bitch or dramatic. It also doesn’t help that all reality TV shows frame women in this light, pinning them against each other in order to break each other down or cause fights. Shows such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “The Real Housewives” are focused on “over emotional” and “bitchy” women plotting against one another or emotionally breaking down for enterainment. This portrayal of women only ends in negative stereotypes.

Everyone deserves to be emotional without labels envolved. 

Looking good for yourself

We all know that one girl who’s outfit is always on point and makeup is applied perfectly. The one we all think of in the back of our heads, “Seriously..who are you trying to impress?” Well guess what, that girl deserves to feel comfortable looking fly everyday if she wants just as another girl should feel comfortable in sweats and no makeup. Just because some women choose to be put together everyday does not mean they are doing it for the attention of a man. Sometimes we all like to look good for ourselves. If you want to wear perfect makeup and trendy outfits every day of your life you deserve to do so. If you want to wear no makeup and sweats every day of your life you deserve to do so. You are fabulous either way. 

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Born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Portland, Maine, Lilly O'Leary is a Public Relations major and Dance minor at American University in Washington D.C. She loves artists like Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Kanye West and of course, Beyoncé. In her free time, you can find her traveling, interior designing (her dorm room), staying active, blasting music, and kicking it back with friends.
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