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5 Small Businesses with Perfect Holiday Gifts

   As people start holiday shopping, it’s even more important to support small businesses. Small business owners are dedicated to creating products their customers will love. When you shop small, you help hard working artists stay in business. While Amazon has fast shipping, it can’t offer the detailed, personal gifts many small businesses can. Here’s a list of 5 small online businesses that would love to help you give the perfect gifts this holiday season.

  1. Adelaide’s Fort

This small business has the cutest apparel to give your book/movie obsessed friends! They sell unique Star Wars tees, Outer Banks crews, and a range of pop culture phone cases! Bonus: Harry Potter merchandise that J.K. Rowling does not benefit from, so you can rep The Wizarding World guilt-free! Shop here.

  1. Love, Al Co.

Trendy atheist apparel for your friends who endured years of Sunday school lessons. Their apparel is perfect to wear to protests or family gatherings to make sure the conversations don’t get too dull. 10% of all profits go to Planned Parenthood! Shop here.

  1. Art By Aleisha

Beautiful, hand painted maps of cities and college campuses for your friends to have a piece of home in their dorm room, or seniors who want to take a little college with them on their next journey! Each map is a little different, ensuring you’ll give a gift like no other! Shop here.

  1. Genny Grace Art

Detailed, custom cartoon art for people who are always adding to their walls! This new small business also does printmaking for personalized stationary or decor. Shopping at Genny Grace art means your walls will never be boring! Shop here.

  1. Shop Isabelle Rose Co.

This young business owner makes simple and adorable merchandise your Marvel-loving family and friends will adore! Original designs for all of the Avengers, so your friend has something to wear to the next Marvel movie night! Shop here.

Annabelle Evans

American '24

Belle is a sophomore at American University majoring in literature with a focus in creative writing. She is from the Philadelphia area and loves the city during the holiday season. Her favorite author is Jennifer Lynn Barnes and she's currently reading 'The Love Hypothesis' by Ali Hazelwood.
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