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5 Reasons Why Home is the Ultimate Spring Break Destination

Relaxing on a beautiful beach might be fabulous for some, but to me coming home is the best. No stress about packing a ton of clothes, worrying about my beach body, or being scared about getting sun burn. Here are some reasons why coming home for Spring Break is the ultimate destination!

1. Sleep in your OWN comfy bed

After a hard semester, it’s nice to come home and sleep in my bed. The sheets are soft, pillows are puffy and the mattress perfectly supports my achy body. No hotel or dorm room will give you such familiar comfort, right at your fingertips.

2. Free gourmet food every day

Ditching the dining hall sludge for some real food made by your gourmet Chef-Mom is the BEST. THING. EVER. Eating home-cooked meals and having an all-access free stocked fridge beats paying for costly meals at a restaurant or resort any day.

3. Dorm Noise Free Zone

Enjoy the peace and quiet of your own room. NO parties at 1 a.m., NO roommates sneaking in late, NO loud neighbors.  Just you and your thoughts. You can sleep as good as this baby! 

4. No Schedule Stress

Take time away from the fast-paced life at college. Put the schedule planner away and put your feet up. Sleep when you want, eat when you want, do what you want. Spring break is all for you.

5. Seeing your OG Squad 

Hanging with close friends and family is a great way to re-charge and re-center after time away. I love laughing with friends and eating out with friends as it allows us to catch up while remembering that my squad expands off-campus too. Kickback, chill and talk with your BFF’s. 

Next time break season comes around consider hopping on a plane, bus, or train to your neighborhood for some TLC. After all, there’s no place like home!


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