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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Yourself and Others

There is always someone you’re close to who is impossible to get a Christmas present for. You will ask them what they want and they will simply reply with “nothing”. This is the perfect list for them and any gifts you may want to put on your wishlist as well.

  1. Apple Airtag

The airtag is a simple way to keep an eye on things that you may lose easily. You can attach it to your keys, wallet or put it in your purse. The marvel of this is that if you lose something that has an Airtag on it, you can track it on the Find My app.

2. Bluetooth Projector 

Upgrade your entertainment setup with a Bluetooth projector. Perfect for gaming marathons or movie nights with your friends and family. You can stream videos, photos, and games by linking the projector to a device.

3. Shower Steamers 

Essential self-care item that dissolves in the shower and releases a relaxing, aroma fragrance without having to worry about draining your bathtub with a bath bomb. Filled with skin-loving ingredients and calming scents, shower streamers can help with everything from sleep troubles to seasonal allergies.

4. Masterclass Membership

Online membership includes access to hundreds of classes taught by the world’s best on cooking, acting, science, writing, and more. Some classes include learning cooking with Gordon Ramsey to learning about creativity and leadership with Anna Wintour.

5. Baggu reusable bags 

These stylish and sustainable reusable bags are light and compact and perfect for carrying anything from groceries, beach stuff, things for class, etc. Perfect gift for keeping up with sustainability with a trendy tote bag.

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