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The 5 People You’ll Meet on Every Floor

If you’ve lived on a dorm on campus, then you can probably relate. Whether you’re living in Letts, Anderson or McDowell, you’ve definitely seen these five people on your floor:

1.    The friendly one

You don’t know how this person’s jaw still works with the amount of time they spend smiling. People are in their room 24/7, and you sometimes wonder how they got their room to have such good feng shui. If you’re having a bad day, you can always count on this person to engage you in a conversation to cheer you up. If you’re in a rush, you have to be careful about getting into a conversation with this person- if you do, you will probably not be arriving to your destination on time.


2.    The one that’s always drunk

When you see this person around, you genuinely wonder how they do it. You’re not judging necessarily, you’re just curious. They’re kind of fun to engage in a conversation, but only for a certain period of time- then it gets old. They likely have an alliteration to explain their drinking every day of the week- whether it’s Sangria Sunday, Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Whiskey Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, or it’s simply the weekend- you can always count on this person to be blissfully drunk.


3.    The one you’re not really sure actually exists

You don’t know if this person just stays in their room, if they’re always out, or if they’re part of the Illumanti, but there’s something certainly mysterious about this one. You never see them, and when their name gets mentioned in conversation on the floor, it’s usually followed by a ‘who?’ When you do see them, you’ll feel compelled to stare and make sure it’s actually them, but the prospect of staring at something so illusive and magical truly scares you.


4.    The gossip

You’re never entirely sure if this person is actually Gossip Girl in real life, but you know it’s very well possible. The thing is, they’re so easy to talk to that you find yourself accidentally spilling your secrets to them. You worry how much of your life they’re telling other people, but you always leave their room knowing approximately five hundred times the amount of dirt than you did before, so the trip is always worth it.


5.    The one you have a huge crush on

Ugh. We all know the feeling. You wake up in the middle of the night, you have to pee, you walk down the hallway and boom- the heartthrob that lives down the hall appears and witnesses you in all of your grossness. You wonder if you’ve ever felt this embarrassed ever in your whole life. You will probably attempt to convince yourself you don’t really have a crush on them, but it’s time to be honest with yourself. No one daydreams that much about someone they don’t have a crush on. You didn’t run into them in the lounge last week “accidentally”… but then again, maybe they didn’t “accidentally” offer you chips in the elevator either. You never know.



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