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5 Families Activities During All-American Weekend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Family Weekend is just around the corner, and though it can be fun to see your parents, they’ll probably want to do something other than watch Netflix and eat TDR. Here are some ideas for keeping your family entertained next weekend.

1) Bring your parents to that restaurant you’ve been dying to try but can’t afford. Your parents would probably love to treat you a little this weekend, especially if they haven’t seen you since move-in. This is a great opportunity to go somewhere new that doesn’t take Eagle Bucks.

2) Actually clean your room and impress your parents. Let’s face it: your room probably doesn’t look quite as neat as it did on move-in day. If you plan on showing your parents your room, make an extra effort to make your bed, take out the trash, and maybe even do some laundry.

3) Visit the National Mall and check out the Smithsonian museums and the monuments. Even though the Mall might be old news for you, it could be exciting for your parents! Take them to see your personal favorites, or visit a new monument or museum together for the first time. This is especially helpful if you have younger siblings visiting, too.

4) Take your parents to your favorite neighborhood of DC. If your parents have been to DC before, odds are they’ve seen the monuments. Instead, take them to an area of DC that a typical visitor wouldn’t normally see, such as Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle, or Columbia Heights.

5) Hang out on campus and enjoy your time together. Whether you see your parents every other week, or only once a semester, your time together is precious. Enjoy their company, and use the time to catch up on their lives at home and your life at AU. 

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