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5 Facts You Never Knew About AU

Have you ever wondered about the dirty secrets behind AU’s squeaky-clean image?   Don’t think things have not happened at this university! American University has been very active since 1893.  Originally chartered by an act of congress, AU has always had a strong tie with politics, with President Eisenhower breaking ground for the School of International Service to Teddy Roosevelt laying the corner stone at McKinley.   Here are some of the best-kept secrets of American University:

1. Our original school colors were blue and orange

Before we became the corny American Eagles with all the red, white, and blue; we were just American University sporting blue and orange. AU officials adopted red, white, and blue as our official school colors in 1948.

2. American University DID have a football team

On November 5, 1928, American University’s first football game was against George Washington University.  The team did very well however, the team disbanded in 1942 because a majority of the teams’ members were drafted to World War II.  After the war, the shear lack of male athletes willing to play football meant that the university decided not to renew the program.  That is why we are still UNDEFEATED!

3. The Tavern was a bar.

The Tavern was not serving burgers back in the day. In fact, it was the largest seller of beer in the District of Columbia and President Neil Kerwin used to bartend there!

4. Someone was murdered in TDR

Unfortunately, this fun fact is not fun, but true.  In 1967, a TDR worker was beaten to death.  Nobody is exactly sure why, but I am pretty sure it wasn’t over the awesome mac n’ cheese on Wednesdays.

5. Kreeger Hall has a ghost!

For those that have classes in Kreeger, don’t be too scared.  Apparently, the kind ghost named Jerry has never done anything malicious.  The building was used as American University’s main theatre and music building in the 1950’s before Katzen was built.  Maybe, Jerry could even sing you a song?


Source: AU Ambassadors

Mireille Olivo is a senior at American University studying Public Communication with a minor in health promotion. She is a self-proclaimed southern belle, sunset enthusiast, avid rock climber, Quentin Tarantino fan, and smiler.  When she isn't writing for HCAU, y'all can find her giving tours or strolling alongside the Potomac river. After graduation, Mireille plans on pursuing a career in public relations for the political movement. 
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