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5 Essential Shoes Every Girl Needs

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”

Marilyn Monroe

Before I came to college, I thought I had all the shoes I would ever need. But after being on campus for a few months, I realized my shoe collection could expand indefinitely. I felt myself constantly admiring what other girls donned on their feet, and felt the urgency to buy myself a pair of every kind of shoe I saw. We all can admit it, shoes are an essential part of every girl’s existence- um, wardrobe – I’m not that materialistic, I promise! But because neither my dorm closet nor my bank account could accommodate dozens of new shoes, I decided to be realistic and narrow down my options to the Five Essential Shoes Every Girl Needs.

1. Tall boots: Call them riding boots, knee-high boots, whatever you want; they’re a classic, and the perfect complement to jeans and a sweater. While most often rocked in the fall, they’re appropriate for all seasons and go great with a skirt or dress too!

  • When to wear them: To class, out in the city, for artsy fall photo-ops
  • Where to get them: Check out Nordstrom or DSW!

​2. Classic pumps: Think of a nice pair of pumps as the perfect partner to the little black dress. For a sophisticated, classy, college-age woman, a solid pair of heels is a must. Go black, nude, ivory, or even a bold, eye-catching color like red or blue. Choose a heel size that’s versatile and comfortable, and strut your stuff!

  • When to wear them: Nice dinners, formal or semi-formal events, to da club
  • Where to get them: Forever21 for cheap classic pumps. Try Aldo for something more upscale.

3. Cute booties: Booties- short, ankle-height boots, are certainly a popular style right now, and for good reason. They come in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, so you can rock your own unique pair while still being trendy. Plus, they typically slip on easier than taller boots while still working with the same outfits (jeans, leggings, etc).

  • When to wear them: Same as tall boots, but if your booties have a heel you can also wear them when going out at night
  • Where to get them: Marshall’s and American Eagle carry a great selection of ankle boots!

4. Nice flats: Although Victoria Beckham once said of her addiction to high heels, “I just can’t concentrate in flats!”, I think a pair of nice flats are the perfect go-to for lots of occasions. Flats are what they are- flat; which to me translates to reliable and comfortable- you’re really going to have to work to fall up a flight of stairs in these. Plus there are literally endless flats to choose from, and they can really make an outfit when coordinated well.

  • When to wear them: Class, lunch dates, interviews, work, or even semi-formal events
  • Where to get them:  Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Target for cute, cheap flats

5. Fun sneakers: No, I don’t mean athletic sneakers and I’m not giving a lecture about the importance of exercise (though everyone loves a good pair of Nike Frees). Fun sneakers to me are your unassuming but trusty pair of Vans, Chuck Taylors, or something of the like. They’re casual but cute and can be sported in an array of colors- even custom designed if you’re that cool.

  • When to wear them: Parties, concerts, walks or light exercise, traveling, babysitting
  • Where to get them: Converse and Vans are sold in many shoe stores. Forever21 also carries some cute lookalikes!

Be sure to check out 5 Essential Shoes for Summer when the warmer months come around!



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