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5 DC Foodie Blogs to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

As a foodie on a college budget and with a never ending appetite, D.C. is a great city for exploring different types of cuisine. I’m always looking for new places to eat around The District and these five food blogs are like my personal food scouts. If you get hungry reading through this, then don’t worry. You have about a million suggestions for every type of taste and food…

DC Dining

DC Dining is great because anyone can contribute to the site. That means 1000% more food suggestions for you. Check out their Instagram.

Hungry Lobbyist

If you have a more refined taste, then follow the Hungry Lobbyist for all the best places that all the cool lobbyists go. Plus, they occasionally offer fashion advice for any up-and-coming lobbyists.

What Micky Eats

What Micky Eats is a bona fide foodie blog (voted Best Food Blog by the Washington Post in 2012 and runner-up ever since) and not only blogs about D.C.’s best eats, but places around the world. So if you’re studying abroad somewhere, be sure to check out her blog because she might just have some recommendations for you!

Girl Meets Food

This quirky foodie blog scopes out all the cool, funky places for you. All you have to do is show up and eat.

DMV Dining

The couple that writes DMV Dining lives in Bethesda which, while not being in D.C., is still a great place to spend on a Friday night and only two Metro stops from American University. This blog also keeps you all up to date with the latest restaurant news and deals (perfect for that college student budget).



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