5 Chic Boot Trends to Wear This Fall

As one of the most popular pieces in a fashionista's closet, there is no doubt that boots are practical, comfortable and chic. Ankle booties in perticular have become a staple in a shoe fanatics wardrobe recently. With fall in full effect, it's time to explore all the trendy possibilites of boots and booties to rock. Step up your boot game this Autumn with these five trendy styles that are guaranteed to take your style to Anna Wintour level. All these styles are also under $50 which always a good thing. 

1. Classic Booties

This tan suede bootie is a fall classic. The three inch heel is perfect for walking around campus during a chilly day or going out to brunch with the girls. This style of bootie is also super popular in other classic colors such as black and grey. Make your staple shoe stand out with a unique feature like the cut outs on this one.

2. Riding Boots

There is nothing more practical than a trendy riding boot in the fall. They can work as rain boots or you can throw them on with a blazer and skinny jeans for a more professional look. As someone who is on the shorter side, I also love a little heel on my riding boots so that my legs look longer even in a boot that covers half my leg.

3. Sandal Boots

Okay I know the words "sandal" and "boots" as a concept sound ridiculous, but you've definitely seen these stylish shoes around campus and fell in love. This almost four inch heel is a lot, but the sling-back heel and peep toe make these fashionable crossovers super comfortable to wear. Shoes like these with an elastic band in them are great because they allow for strech as your feel naturally swell throughout the day. These would be a great shoe for a night out in Adams Morgan or a stroll shopping on M Street.

4. Over The Knee Boot

The high heeled over the knee boot is by far the most popular boot this fall. It is sleak and sexy while also being fashionably conservative. The chunky block heel makes these ultra cute shoes easy and stable to walk in. If you're in the market for a pair of these, look for ones with ties or an adjustable buckle on the top so that they don't fall past your knee while walking. If big heels aren't your style, this style comes in flat styles like these from DSW. 

5. Utility Boots

Whether it's a classic combat or a haute hiker, these tough style boots are great for the colder seasons. The fur lining will definitely keep your ankles warm and trendy at the same time. Utility style boots come in all textures if you wanted someone a little more durable for when it starts snowing. A chunky rubber sole is great for walking long distances, like monumenting, while keeping your feet blister-free and happy.

Well boot fanatics, what style will you choose to rock this fall? With so many options it's hard to decide. Remember to choose a style that you feel comfortable in and that you will get a lot of love out of. Happy fall! 


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