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5 Activities to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Unfortunately for those who celebrate Hanukah, it may seem like your most treasured days of holiday spirit are over, and for those who celebrate Christmas or something else, your days of holiday spirit are just around the corner. Regardless of what you celebrate, here are five tips to either bring your spirit alive again or enhance your already booming joy for these next couple of weeks. There’s so much to do around the holidays that you’ll have tons of activities to choose from to keep your winter break busy. Anything from baking to ice-skating can be a great way to hang out with friends while staying in spirit. 

1. Baking Holiday Cookies/Desserts 

There are tons of cookies and desserts you can make for the holidays. The easiest part is that your festiveness can be put in either from the start with the use of holiday flavors or at the very end when you decorate your cookies with colorful icing. Some ideas are Dark Chocolate Peppermint BrowniesGingerbread Cake, or Holiday Sugar Cookies

2. Ice Skating 

Ice skating can always be fun whether you’ve never been before or are a pro. Don’t be embarrassed to just go out there and try. Trust me, people fall down all the time!  If you don’t want to brave the ice on your own there’s always a class you can take to improve before going out with other people. Any local ice rink will have times that you can go rent skates and have fun! Why not take your new love to ice skate for a date. Just be sure to check their hours to see the times that it’s open for the public. 

3. Go See a Light Show 

There are always tons of places that set up light shows every year for people to either walk or drive through. This can be a great night activity with your friends or family. The lights are usually really impressive and they’re sometimes set up to put on a show or story as you walk through the different set ups. If you’re around the DC area during the holidays ZooLights at the National Zoo is a great place to go. 

4. Decorate Your (or a friend’s) Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree can be a lot of fun and something that can either be a simple task or a long process, depending on how much time you want to spend on it. If you really want to get involved, check this article out on how to make your own ornaments. 

5. See The Nutcracker

Why not see this classic during the holidays. The show never gets old and no matter how many times you see it, it’s also better than the last. With many different renditions and theaters performing, you’ll never see the same show twice. Plus, you can’t go through the holidays without see it at least once, right? If you’re in the DC area, check out the Washington Ballet and their annual Nutcracker performance.

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