4 Ways to Reinvent Your Wardrobe

Fall season is upon us! Sometimes with the changing weather, comes a want to change up your entire wardrobe. But if you're stuck in a style slump and on a tight budget, life can be difficult. Below are four tips to reinvite your wardrobe! You can still come up with cool and creative outfits without breaking the bank!


1. Clean out & Organize your Closet

The first tip has to do with getting rid of your clothes. Yes, get rid of all the unwanted, unworn clothes in your closet. Whether it be because it doesn’t fit or it just doesn’t suit your style anymore, it is pointlessly taking up space in your closet and taking your attention off the clothes you really should be wearing. 

After getting rid of old clothes, you can now organize your closet! Make sure that everything is visible to the eye; if you can't see something, you're probably not going to wear it. Also, try placing clothing items next to things you normally wouldn't place together because it could jog your mind for an idea! For example, if there is a floral dress next to a biker jacket all of a sudden, you have a cute outfit! 


2. Borrow from your Bestie

This one obviously works best if the two of you are a similar size, but certain items could still work even if you’re completely different sizes. For instance, you guys could swap bags, share some necklaces, or wear a loose fitting shirt with leggings. This also works really well if you have a larger group of friends who are willing to share some items because now all of a sudden you’re closet has expanded five times! 


3. Keep it Simple

Less is more. Sometimes being minimal with your outfits can be really chic — not to mention faster to get ready in the morning! Throw on a nice watch, black jeans, a white tee, and pointed ballet flats and bam! It looks like you attempted to look like a person and didn’t just roll out of bed. Wearing simple stuff is a good go-to because the solid colors always looks good together. 


4. Accessorize 

If keeping it simple just isn’t really your thing, then accessorizing will be the key to refreshing any outfit. You can mix up the jewelry you typically wear with an outfit; mix gold and silver jewels, or even go for a statement watch or necklace. Another way to spice up your outfit instantly is with a colored lip! Red, plums, or even a mauve are great choices for the autumn!


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