2019 Women of the Year Recap

Another year, another incredible Women of the Year awards event complete. Women of the Year has now been a Her Campus American tradition for the past four years, with a purpose of coming together to celebrate five impactful AU women.

The AU community nominated women who inspired them, and then it was up to the HCAU executive board to decide which nominees were best to represent and uphold the title of Women of the Year. And, after many votes and much deliberation, this year’s winners are Maria Rose Belding (College of Arts and Sciences), Rebecca Lamis (Kogod), Ali Delambo (School of International Service), Jozette Allah-Mensah (School of Communication) and Danielle Vinales (School of Public Affairs).

At Saturday’s event, each of these women got to share some insight about their accomplishments and their stories so far as college students. For more about each of these inspiring women, be sure to read their full interviews which have been published on the HCAU website.

Maria Rose Belding, the College of Arts and Sciences winner, is immensely proud to be recognized by HC for her work as co founder and executive director of the MEANS Database. She acknowledges all those she works with saying “I am incredibly blessed to steer the ship powered by the young people.”

Kogod winner Rebecca Lamis has spent years helping to build and develop the DC art scene and entertainment community. Her goal is to give a voice and platform to young artists  of express themselves and share their stories.

Ali Delambo a has served as an activist for trying expand the School of International Service’s approach on international development. “I don’t think what I’m doing is going out of the ordinary. But just the fact that it’s not being done I think needs to be addressed.”

School of Communication winner, Jozette Allah-Mensah, begins her speech by thanking the empowering women her life including her mom as well as Yaa Asantewaa and Harriet Tubman. Like the greats she mentions and looks up to, she lives her life by the mantra and idea that “lives are comprised of moments by moments; little experiences and pockets of existence”.

And finally, Danielle Vinales representing the School of Public Affairs recognizes the obstacles she’s had to overcome and has learned from her grandmother, mother, and sisters that being a strong women is something you don’t have to be apologetic for. With goals such as ensuring fellow students feel comfortable in their own space here on campus, she makes sure she serves as an advocate for her community.

Her Campus’ Women of the Year event was also celebrated with a Panera Bread buffet and a live performance from AU’s a capella group “Pitches Be Trippin’”. This event is one HCAU holds close to heart, so be sure to nominate your female inspiration for a chance be selected as one of next year’s Women of the Year.


Photos by Meghan Howie