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13 Emotional Stages of the Transition from Winter to Spring

We all struggle with the emotional roller coaster that is those week between winter and spring. Do I need a jacket? It changes every day! There are also things to consider like finals and things in school that tend to come out of nowhere are surprise us like late midterms and early final projects. We will make it through, somehow. We always do!

Here are 13 major emotional stages that we all go through before it officially feels like spring!

1. Once it’s March, you’re so over this whole ‘winter’ thing.

2. It’s Day Light Savings and you lose an hour of well-needed sleep but it’s well worth it because SPRING.

3. It’s still 40 degrees outside but you try to be patient as to not piss off Mother Nature.

4. The forecast says 55 degrees and you overestimate just how warm that is.

5. It rains for an entire week and you’ve given up on trying to stay dry.

6. The clouds finally break, it’s a nice 70 degrees and sunny and you haven’t been this happy in months.

7. The quad turns into a present-day Woodstock.

8. The next day it’s back to the cold rain that you knew so well.

9. You suffer weeks of fluctuating weather and develop severe trust issues.

10. Your allergies kick in and you’re reminded of the price you will have to pay for warm weather.

11. It’s almost April and you still live in fear of a spontaneous snowstorm.

12. You’re finally coping with the unstable weather… sort of.

13. You get a full week of nice weather and finally start to see the light at the end of a dark winter tunnel.


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