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12 Ways to Know You’re Living Your Best Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

As young college students it is easy to get caught up with social anxiety and so many different types of pressure, like jobs, internships and the heavy duties of schoolwork. With all of these things consuming us we can easily feel as if life is constantly getting in the way of our success, and not praise ourselves for what we have actually been doing right. We all feel like a failure sometimes, but we have to learn to see life’s little things from another perspective. We must learn to appreciate the little things, and recognize that the fact that we don’t own a fancy car does not mean we have failed at life. Here are a few things that prove you are doing life the right way for you.

1. There is little drama in your life: Drama comes with teen years, it is part of growing up, and as we mature, drama has a way of slowly disappearing into the rear view mirror of our lives.

2. You set up your own rules: you live your life how you want, set your own boundaries and restrictions and for this you have no own tying you down.

3. You don’t feel weak when asking for help; on the contrary, life has taught you that sometimes needing support does not make you a failure.

4. You let go of toxic relationships and do what is best for YOU.

5. You learn to love the reflection that looks back at you in the mirror. Growing up, you might have felt discomfort in your own skin, now you have learnt to embrace yourself and know that this is who you are for what’s left of your life.

6. You know appreciate and celebrate someone else’s success.

7. You acknowledge that failure is all part of the process and goes hand in hand with success.

8. You learn to accept that some things are worth waiting for while others are not.

9. Looking back, you have accomplished things that you only dreamed of in your youth.

10. Your own personal opinion is truly the one that matters. What others think of you does not impact your life.

11. You focus on the positive, and embrace the things you wish you could change, but can’t.

12. You are truly happy. Even with little things, or big achievements, or any milestone your life faces, you find it truly precious. Being happy is the highest point of any road to success.


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