11 Reasons To Raise Awareness About Men's Health

November is known for the education of men's health issues. As all of your male friends grow out their beards for No Shave November and grow a solid stache for Movember, we all raise awareness for men's health. But why should we as the collegiettes of the world care about men's health? Her Campus American is here to answer that question for you. Check out these 11 reasons why we should care about men's health, read up on what No Shave November and Movember are and then stop by our table on November 19 to enter our social media contest. 

If we didn't care about men's health...

1. You wouldn't have anyone to Netflix and Chill with

(if that's who you Netflix and Chill with)

2. Your existance is due to a man somewhere down the line, so you wouldn't be here 

3. Nobody would be around to finish that extra large pizza you drunkenly ordered 

4. Your best guy friend wouldn't be there to remind you that not all men are horrible 

5. Your dad wouldn't be there to post embarassing photos of you on Instagram or "like" everything you post on Facebook. 

6. Let's not even mention when your dad or grandpa tries to use "young lingo" 

7. You wouldn't have your big brother by your side

8. You wouldn't have your go-to date for formals, work events and to try that new restaurant downtown

9. You wouldn't be able to get the girls together to watch sexy TV stars on The Bachelor or watch sports games to drool over the cute players

10. You wouldn't have your wing man when you're out on the town

11. In the long run, men are pretty great! They are our grandfathers, brothers, friends, neighbors, professors, dads and so much more! So support their health, because we need them around. 


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