10 Places in DC to go on a Tinder Date

Tinder dates: awkward, potentially very fun, and very potentially with someone who looks nothing like their photos. In D.C. there are many places to go on dates. But with Tinder dates, try something creative to take your mind off of the fact that you met on a dating app. Here are 10 awesome places around the District to see if your new-found person is all their bio hyped them up to be.

1. Jaco Juice and Taco Bar in Georgetown 


The other day I was strolling on Wisconsin Avenue when I started craving a smoothie. Upon checking Google maps I found this cool bar hidden in an alley in Georgetown. It would be a great place for a date because the food is to die for, and the smoothies trick you into thinking that you're eating healtier like you said you would on New Years. The location is nice and intimate which is great for sitting down and getting to know someone. You can also get the food to go if you wanted to walk around and talk on your date.

2. Chef Geoff's happy hour

There are few things that American University students know better than Chef Geoff's happy hour. This fun place is good for a date during happy hour because if it's not going well you will definitely know someone else there who can swoop in and save you. But also the fries are delicious and the drinks are relatively cheap. During the warmer weather, you could sit on the patio for hours with your date getting to know each other. 

3. Night Monumenting

Would this really be a D.C. date spot article if night monumenting wasn't on here? No. There's a reason everyone says to go night monumenting on dates, and it isn't because you can run away from your date once they turn around in the dark. The monuments are truly beautiful when they lights come on at night. Walking around makes for a romantic D.C. evening getting to know your new boo. I personally recommend going to the Lincoln Memorial at night because you can sit and look at the view of D.C. 

4. Ted's Bulletin on 14th Street

I had to include somewhere to get great brunch; this wouldn't be a proper D.C. article without it. If you love homemade Pop-Tarts and adult milkshakes, or breakfast food in general, Ted's is the place to go. Every time I've been the place is full of positive energy. The location on 14th street is great because there are some amazing boutiques and shops in the area that you can go to after. Brunch and shopping? Sounds great to me!

5. Busboys and Poets

Busboys and Poet's is another classic D.C. spot to have some food, maybe hear some spoken word, and relax in a calm atmosphere. American University sophomore, Jeffery Guzman said "You get the most bang for your buck. The restaurant has a bunch of really varied, delicious and reasonably priced items. But beyond the restaurant, there is a bookstore where you and your date can bond over literature have open mic and slam poetry nights". 

6. Navy Yard Waterfront 

Many would say that the Georgetown waterfront is the place to go for a fun waterfront date, but the quieter and less tourist-y place to go is the Navy Yard waterfront. American University junior, Jude Mabone said, "frick Georgetown that place is crowded and has too much going on. If you really want to be alone in a nice place to talk, the waterfront in South East is the place to be". If you don't mind the travel, it looks like the Navy yard is the right move for a great time.

7. Newseum

Okay I'm a journalism major so maybe I'm biased, but a date to the Newseum would be so much fun! It's so big that you could essentially lose your date and then ghost them if it started to go badly. Anyways, the Newseum is full of interesting exibits that can spark conversations. There's a high probabiltiy that you and your date won't be from the same place so check out the newspapers from your states and to get a conversation going about your hometowns. People love talking about their hometowns. 

8. Escape the Room 

I went to Escape the Room when I lived in Boston and I must say, it was a great time. You are usually in a group and have a certain amount of time to figure out how to escape a room full of puzzles and clues. This place could be a great first date because you two can see if you are able to work together in crazy situations. Or just see if they're good at solving puzzles, if that's something that you're looking for. Either way, a fun time is sure to be had at Escape the Room. 

9.  Madame Tussads

Is your date as fake as the wax statues at Madame Tussad's? Why not find out! All jokes aside, this place is super cool and they're always changing the wax figures to match different themes, holidays, and seasons. Located downtown, the famous wax museum is Metro accessible and a great location to spend an afternoon. You can also find out if you date is good at taking your next Instagram photo, not saying that matters but pics or it didn't happen. 

10. Cherry Blossom festival 

A true District classic date is going down to the Tidal Basin and checking out the cherry blossoms. There are a ton of food trucks near by and if you go during the festival there's usually live music to sit down and eat your food to. If you don't mind the hoards of tourist taking photos (you will probably be taking them too) then this refreshing spot is great for a first date. Remember to pack a blanket because there will be no space on a curb to sit on so picking a spot in the grass is your best option. 

11. IHOP 

Okay, I had to add this 11th spot. The IHOP in Columbia Heights is open 24 hours, so if you're looking to go on that very late night date with food that you can trust to be amazing, this is your spot. If you have nothing to talk about you can always talk about where you life is going if you're at a late night 24 hour IHOP for a date. Be aware, I learned the other day that you can't split the check past 10pm. 


Well there you have it. Ten (technically 11) places to go on your first Tinder date. I wish you all the best of luck, have fun!


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