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10 Creative ’90’s Inspired Halloween Costumes

History tends to repeat itself. This year, fashion from the 1990’s made a huge comeback. Chocker necklaces, jelly sandals and halter crop tops were all donned by celebrities and everyday fashionistas, alike.

With Halloween right around the corner, there are even more chances to have fun with the style of the nineties. Here are ten totally ’90’s inspired Halloween costumes.

1. The Rugrats

Tommy and his crew ruled the ‘90’s. This costume is perfect for a large group because you can dress up as the entire Rugrats cast. For Tommy, opt for a blue T-shirt and an adult diaper (or white shorts if you want to play it safe). Phil and Lil were known for their matching overalls, and Chuckie for his signature red hair and Saturn T-shirt. If you are dressing as Angelica, Susie or Kimmy, try to match their brightly colored dresses and pigtails. You can also botch an old Barbie doll’s hair to create your own Cynthia doll.

2. Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert from A Different World

Dwayne and Whitley were the relationship goal of the ‘90’s. Their love had us all wishing we went to Hillman College. For Whitley, head to a thrift store for a vintage power suit. Dress your Dwayne in a pair of flip-up glasses and a Hillman sweatshirt.

3. Clueless

Cher and Dionne are one of the most recognizable dynamic duos of the 1990’s, and their matching plaid outfits are the perfect costume for two best friends. For Cher, all you need is a plaid yellow skirt, a yellow cardigan and white thigh-high socks for a simplified version of her classic look. Dionne will need a black plaid skirt, a red cardigan and black thigh highs. Don’t forget a big hat and clip-on nose ring!

4. ‘90’s Girl

The typical ‘90’s girl’s closet was filled with bright colors, crop tops, miniskirts and lots of denim. This costume gives you a little more freedom because you don’t have to stick to a set wardrobe. Have fun with accessories such as clear plastic backpacks, hair clips and scrunchies, choker necklaces and giant cell phones.

5. TLC

TLC was one of the hottest girl bands of the 90’s and one of the most influential music groups of all time. Grab two friends and join forces as Chili, T-Boz and Left Eye. TLC was known for their funky style, consisting of baggy clothing and bright colors. If you’re Left Eye, don’t forget the signature condom that she wore over her left glasses lens to promote safe sex.

6. Britney Spears

The “Princess of Pop” is not only known for her music and dance moves, but also for her style. From her classic sexy schoolgirl outfit from “Baby One More Time” to the denim ensemble she sported on the red carpet with Justin Timberlake, there are dozens of ways to pay homage to Britney this Halloween.

7. Grunge

The 90’s are often referred to as the “Grunge Era.” Grunge was a time filled with alternative rock bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam, teenage rebellion, and lots of heavy eyeliner. Embrace your inner grunge with an oversized flannel, ripped stockings and your favorite band tee. Feel free to play around with dark shades of lipstick and even hair color!

8. Double Dare Contestants 

We all wanted the chance to compete on Double Dare. Live out your nineties fantasy by dressing up as one of the game show’s constestansts. You can find Double Dare T-shirts online for under $20. Then, complete your look with a helmet, safety goggles and kneepads. Extra points for slime!

9. Beanie Baby

There are thousands of Beanie Babies, so all you need to do is dress up as your favorite animal. Use red paper or cardboard to cut out a big hear and write the letters “ty” on top. You can also include a bio about yourself!

10. Troll Dolls

With a nude bodysuit, colorful hairspray and a whole lot of gel, you can transform yourself into one of the hottest toys of the ‘90’s. You can also opt for a wig if you don’t want to deal with the mess. Then, use colored paper that matches your hair to cut out a shape to adhere to your belly – just like a real troll doll!


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