What have I done? My Planet is dying

If you have been following the news you may probably have seen that The Amazonian Rainforest has been burning at a record rate this month. So far almost 73,000 fires have been detected this year. The Amazon Rainforest is located on South America. It is responsible for producing 20% of the world’s oxygen making it the lungs of our beautiful planet. It’s basically a big hydraulic motor that brings balance to our life and planet. The connection to climate change is a circle. The fires cause gas emissions at an accelerated rate, this makes the temperature around the world go very high. This brings droughts more often and hotter temperatures for a longer period. 

These past few weeks have been really eye opening for me. I find myself anxiously thinking of ways to help, things within my reach. After all I’m a student with a major debt, living at the capital of the island; which means money and time are very limited. After doing some research I found some ways that are going to help not only me, but my family, my wallet and most importantly my beautiful Planet Earth. I must say it is a slow start, but a start nonetheless. A new way of life doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, compromise and patience. I am going to share with you 10 ways that have been the first steps I have taken as a starting line.

  1. I started with planning my hours when going different places. Being at San Juan makes traffic a nightmare so I have tried to plan my hours so I don’t get stuck in traffic. Cars emit gasses that are harmful, so the less time you are stuck in traffic, the less emotion of gasses, the better it is.
  2. Instead of buying bottled drinks, buy a reusable cup/tumbler/cooler. Use water fountains to fill them, when going out on a girl’s night use a reusable cooler for those drinks.
  3. Buy a water filter for your house/apartment.
  4. Start using reusable metallic straws or biodegradable ones. (little secret I got mine at Me Salve and at Always 99).
  5. Recycle your plastics, carton and paper.
  6. If you have an A/C and cannot change it to an Inverter (like myself) establish some hours for when its going to be turned off and on.
  7. When going shopping use reusable bags and only shop what you really need!
  8. Start thrift shopping. You can find some amazing hidden gems.
  9. Buy plants for your house and if you can plant some plants.
  10. If you see some trash pick it up, cleaning and taking care of our planet is a social responsibility.

There are so many more, I have shared just a few. I invite you to try them. The time is now to start, not later. Our world needs us and it is our responsibility.