Top 4 Coffee Shops in Old San Juan

Being a student at Albizu means we definitely almost always need some help from something to get through our studies… like coffee!  We gathered our favorite coffee shops to enjoy throughout the semester.  Here, we catch up with studying, our collegiettes' gossip, or just relax after a long week and read something not related to college (rarely).  Continue reading so you can plan your next coffee break. 

1. Café finca Cialitos

With a 5 star review at Trip Advisor,  this has to be one of our favorite spots.  They were first at San Justo street, and they are now relocated at San Francisco street.  Side by side to Burger King across plaza La Barandilla in front of our beloved campus.  I believe they grow their own coffee, and believe me when I say it is the smoothest and most flavorful coffee you will ever try.  Outside from the regular cup of coffee, they have frozen coffee, fruit salads and smoothies, artisanal yogurt, ‘ Polvorones’ , chocolate and carrot cupcakes, and sandwiches, just to name a few.  If you ever get the chance to visit, try some Lemy bread toast which had been voted Puerto Rico’s best bread or their fresh pumpkin bread toast. Additional to what they have to offer, their service is exceptional and they don’t mind explaining to you anything coffee- related.  Perfect spot to just sit back with a good book and relax.

2. Cuatro Sombras coffee shop

Cuatro Sombras coffee shop is very well-known at San Juan and very popular with Albizu students.  Their coffee is from Yauco and they have a wide variety of sandwiches and pastries to accompany your cup of coffee, smoothie or whatever you choose. The establishment is quite big and great for catching up with friends or to go with your study group for midterms. They even have a patio which a lot of the time students take advantage of to catch up with notes and writing. A must if you go is their butter and Guayaba toast.

3. Café poetic
This is not your average coffee shop.  It is located at Calle de la cruz street in front of Marshalls and just like the other ones, they have a variety of freshly packed pastries to offer, for every customer. Their coffee is very good and smoothies are popular specially on OSJ hot days. A plus for those days is that they have free fruit infused water which is great mix-up to taste with your other snack.  The vibe of the place is very relaxing and boho-like, almost like visiting an old friend. One side of the place is the actual coffee shop with sitting areas and a big window setting to the Plaza. The other side is where you enter and get greeted by the cutest chihuahua ever and a parrot.  Here you can find poetry inspired pieces for you or to gift a loved one. At the end, you can see some seats and mics.  There is where they host open mic nights.  
4. Starbucks
Starbucks is well- known for their seattle inspired coffee roast and signature frapuccinos. It had to make the list because a lot of our students don’t know we have one very close to campus, at Recinto Sur street. Located between famous spots and restaurants like "El moreno" and Dragonfly.  Starbucks is great for coffee on the go, their fresh lemon key pie, brownies or breakfast croissants. They also have wi-fi so it’s a plus to catch up on some homework, if you want to stay away from the library. Something you can take advantage of now is their Starbucks' member cards, where you can catch discounts and even free coffee!