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Throwback Thursday with Her Campus Albizu

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Albizu chapter.

Today we are going to remember the first steps of Her Campus Albizu.

The idea begins with an excellent group of undergraduates students, today we expand that and we are proud to tell that we have graduate and undergraduates members :) Here we leave you some of those first steps for the process of establishing the chapter in our university. I hope you enjoy it.

Throwback Thursday with Her Campus Albizu

The idea of creating and establish Her Campus Albizu became real a little over a year and a half back, during May to summer of 2015. Undergraduates at Albizu University are definitely people that like to speak up and make the difference in the institution and in their country. Over a casual lunch with classmates between classes we were discussing over how as undergraduates we should make the difference and participate more at the institution, how we could leave our legacy and have fun in the process while having an educational option with it since that’s what drives Albizu students. And with the project friendships that we are sure will last for years were created, we’ve had stressful times between classes and extracurricular activities, graduate school applications and just life but we’ve done it all together.

At first we were scared people wouldn’t’t accept the idea because it is something really different from what we usually had at the institution and because undergraduate students were the minority in comparison to graduate students pursuing their career at Albizu University. But we were wrong, and as soon we presented the idea to faculty everybody were really happy and excited with the opportunity and the leadership from all of us. We’ve grown together and stayed together as some say and most of the girls from our small built tight group are really close friends with each other. A day like today we celebrate our first anniversary, and we wanted to show our readers some of the things Her Campus Albizu has done this past year, and what is yet to come.

So far we’ve hosted fundraiser events, bake sales, get-togethers between members and we even got the chance to meet Her Campus UPR-RP and Mayaguez collegiate past February (2016). Some of us go to coffee shops together to study at least once a week and we’ve had spent weekends getaways with some of us we had really become great friends. We even became Platinum chapter in our second semester with the hard work of our Campus Correspondents which means we are in second place in a 5 category of all the Her Campus chapters around the world, so we must be doing a good job and this has all been possible thanks to our incredible team and our readers. We had accomplished a lot coming from a small college but we want to accomplish much more and we are working towards those goals as a team, this has been a great experience and we can’t wait to share with everybody more in the future. Remember, if you are a student at Her Campus Albizu we are currently expanding our team and recruiting writers, editors, and social media enthusiasts don’t hesitate to contact us at: albizu@hercampus.com.

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Yarilix Santos is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She is a DCP fall intern 2016  and research assistant. Loves to read, write and travel. In her free time you can find her either searching for new places to eat at Old San Juan or in a near coffee shop. She plans to go to grad school and study Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Mariely is a Puerto Rican writer who is passionate about personal and professional development. She is currently attending Carlos Albizu University in San Juan PR to get a PhD on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She loves to read, write, take trainings and everything that helps her grow as a human being and professional.