Three Signs of a Miserable Job

The Truth About Employee Engagement

Some time ago I shaved into one of those books that blows your head off. This time it was Patrick Lencioni’s book, The Three Sings of a Miserable Job. As a student of Industrial Organizational Psychology, you can imagine how astonished I was. When I started reading the book, I had the idea that would be super abstract concepts and difficult to achieve. To my surprise it was quite the opposite. The three signs of miserable work turned out to be quite simple concepts that every company should adopt no matter how big or small they are. 

According to Lencioni the three signs of a miserable job are:

  1. Anonymity
  2. Irrelevance
  3. Immeasurement

Here's a little more of each of them:



  • Anonymity-People cannot be fulfilled in their work if they are not known. All human beings need to be understood and appreciated for their unique qualities by someone in a position of authority.


  • Irrelevance-Everyone needs to know that their job matters, to someone. Anyone. Without seeing a connection between the work and the satisfaction of another person or group of people, an employee simply will not find lasting fulfillment.


  • Immeasurement-Employees need to be able to gauge their progress and level of contribution for themselves. They cannot be fulfilled in their work if their success depends on the opinions or whims of another person.


I'm sure that everyone who has had a professional-level job had sense one of these 3 signs at some point.

In the other hand, if you are a boss or business owner, evaluate if you are carrying out any of these three signs, recognize it and take action on it, your employees will appreciate it.

Here the link of the book for reference.