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One image can fill your mind with an explosion of memories. Throughout life, we wonder if in some constellation of stars we will find the answer to our unknowns. Sometimes, it is enough to admire the simplicity to understand how much greatness we can found. The night is only part of the day, but it has so much in its content. There are people who name the stars, create stories and leave their lives in them. There are night skies that provide an immense peace, for some nostalgia and for me the hope that we are part of something incredible within this universe. Among those little dots, I had traced dreams, gave starry kisses and found consolation. I’m not a musician and I’m very far from becoming one, but trust me, there are symphonies in the stars. I don’t know what is up there, I only have a ground perspective of a certain perfection and beauty. Give me the near galaxy of the starriest sky; tell me if I can find it by walking, running or dancing. In this life, I do not dare when it comes to exist and finding myself. The serenity of this picture, the sounds of the silence and all the profound view of what is life; can be tell in one synopsis… you. Because you are your own orbit, you take the time to cross the moon and make an orchestra of it. Although, galaxies are the major features of the universe, for me they are small when it comes to you. As I stare at this infinite, lose all the gravity and can’t find the beginning of these symphonies of stars, you came along to remind me there’s one end, one road and it’s you. Even though I don’t know who you are and all the dust that compounds you, we share this moment, this night and the conviction that somewhere not so far away, you are the one singing around the stars. Tell Mozart and Beethoven that they are one of a class, but for me you are unique and for each word that you spell, hundreds of shooting stars are sweeten my soul. May I just clear to the world, that your symphony cures the deaf and blindness? Today, these stars make vertex my doubts and change everything that has been worth in my life. 

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