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“You are your own soulmate” – Rupi Kair



To the love of my life


It’s amazing having you here. Seeing you every morning waking up, getting ready to tackle the day. It is so special to see you grow as a person, as a human. I am amazed by your strength, by your power, by your resilience. Since the very beginning, your soul has been a pure one. You give everything to those around you and expect nothing in return. I have watched you grow up and become a mature human that takes what life throws at you and transforms it into magic.

I adore how you say what you mean and want but you are also careful enough to take care of the other person’s feelings. You are, by far, the strongest person I have met. You are unique and you do not give up. I have seen you fight for every single one of your dreams since the very beginning. I have seen you struggle, I have watched you cry and still give your everything to everyone.

Let me be clear: you are not perfect. Far from it really, but your imperfections are unique and make you, you. Let me tell you how much I love you, how much I trust you and how much I believe in you. I know it might seem silly, it might seem stupid but the reality is that no one is like you and that is your strength. Do not be afraid to show your true colors, to be real, to love the skin you are in. You deserve it. You deserve that and so much more. You are here, you are present and you are alive. Continue to walk with the strength of a thousand suns, with honesty and the power that makes you what you are.

To the love of my life, I dedicate these words. To the love of my life, I say I believe in you. I believe in your strength, warmth and resilience. To the love of my life, I say these word as I look at the mirror because the love of my life is myself.


These words might seem a bit conceited, but what is so wrong about loving yourself? Don’t be afraid to show some self-love. It is an amazing feeling. It helps you feel empowered and strong. It is an important part of growing up. Loving the skin you are in will give you a confidence that no one else will. By starting to see how amazing, wonderful and unique we are, we will learn that nothing can stop us. Become your greatest love and everything else will fall in place. It is by loving yourself that we will learn to love others as they truly are.

- Clinical Psychology PhD, Carlos Albizu Student - Born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico; currently living in San Juan, Puerto Rico - 26 years of age - I love to travel, love animals and enjoy being with my family & friends
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