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It Feels Like We’ve Forgotten Christmas

Bells ringing, kids playing.

People singing and reindeers slaying.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yet it feels like we’ve forgotten Christmas.

How is it that one of the most awaited holidays and yet I don’t see one ounce of excitement.

All I see are complains, anger and loneliness.

We used to fill up the street with music, laughter, and instrument and now I can’t hear one Christmas song playing.

Where did our Christmas spirit go, is it the wars, violence, racism, and rage hate? Did all these things block us from having a good time with our family and friends?

How is it that we can’t even look at people in the eye and say Merry Christmas, something so simple yet it’s something I have yet to see this year.

We need to bring this beautiful holiday back into our life, let’s be kind, let’s be jolly, let’s spend some time with our family and less with technology.

Let’s bring a little bit of happiness into someone’s life, with a smile or a laugh because you never know what it may bring.

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