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The importance of strong interpersonal relationships


”We can improve our relationships with others by leaps and bounds if we become encouragers instead of critics”. ~ Joyce Meyer

Let’s talk about your interpersonal relationships.

What is the meaning of a good and strong relationship for you? What kind of people share moments and experiences with you? Who are the most important people that influence your life? Who are those people that affect your decision-making and each step you take in your life?

Each one of these questions are necessary to evaluate to whom we dedicate our time, space and friendship to. The interpersonal relationships that you cultivate in your life, can lead to success or failure. When we build strong relationships with other people who see life in a positive way, we are moving towards success.

Here’s the thing. We spend 90% of our time with other people. We communicate, laugh, walk, sometimes run and if we get lucky, maybe we can see beyond with others. What about the other 10% that you can have by yourself? Do you want to spend it getting rid of people’s toxicity? Or do you want to remember all the good stuff that happened to you during the day? It is important that you start to think about these things. Are you who you want to be or do you pretend to be somebody else around others?

Start sharing your life with positive, persistent, encouraging and happy people. But also, work on yourself. Be the best version of yourself you can be so that people can benefit from being in a relationship with you. This is not just about the relationships you established. Recognize if something about your lifestyle is toxic and can get in the middle of your interactions. The importance of strong relationships can help you become a better person. Sometimes it can even make you grow; help you make good choices and give you hope as you face the adversities in life. Strong interpersonal relationships can be one of the most enriching experiences in your life. Don’t be afraid to connect with other people, because it is essential. You only got this life to be grateful and live it to the fullest. Remember you can’t control everything around you, but you sure can control to whom you give time, moments and experiences. You can decide who you invest yourself into. That’s a big deal. 

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