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How It Really Feels Like To Move Away From Home For The First Time.

How It Really Feels Like To Move Away From Home For The First Time.

What if I don’t like me roommates? What if they don’t like me? How being homesick feels? How to do laundry or cook? Will I’ll be able to survive?

There are so many questions before this milestone in your life. Whether you’re moving out because of college, a job or you think its time and want your own space we need to accept the fact that you are really anxious and nervous and excited at the same time. You knew this was going to come sooner than later at some point I mean not everyone plans to live forever with their parents and if you do I guess there’s nothing wrong with that we all live under different circumstances. At least I believe this is something we all need to experience at some point we will learn more about ourselves in this way than in another. The fact that you’ll be responsible for paying bills and orin or that money to make your payments, of your transportation of buying groceries because even-though our favorite things magically appear at the refrigerator weekly at our parent’s house once you start living on your own you’ll have to make them appear and not magically. The only thing that can magically happen with your food is if one of your roommates if you live in a shared property eats your things but that’s another story. Funny will be if you forget to pay your internet bill and come a Friday night after a long week wanting to watch Netflix… You know how that ends. If you are like me you will worry about leaving your family even for a few weeks, but believe me this is normal this is how life works sometimes if it’s for good don’t feel bad to jump out of your comfort zone.

People will always tell you with excitement how “cool” it is to live on your own have people come over whenever decorate or not your space however you want to and most importantly not have a curfew. But all of this things get old when you ave no energy to go out or when going out so much at a moment then bored you in occasions you will work to pay bills so if you purpose of moving out of your parents house is to have “more freedom” you should reconsider your decision. You truly start to appreciate more what your parents gave you and what they had done for you because let me tell you doing laundry and dinner at the same time its not easy (this is to you mom) and we didn’t know there was a **way** to do laundry either that explains our multicolored clothing. You start to understand the importance of curfew as mom says nothing good happens after midnight and you start to appreciate more wine nights at your apartment with close friends than a night out a club with strangers. As everything happens your figure that time is now yours and you decide how you use it, choose wisely, have fun but don’t make many decisions your future self will regret.

Yarilix Santos is a senior undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. She is a DCP fall intern 2016  and research assistant. Loves to read, write and travel. In her free time you can find her either searching for new places to eat at Old San Juan or in a near coffee shop. She plans to go to grad school and study Industrial and Organizational Psychology
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