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Her Campus Albizu’s Holiday Survival Kit & Appreciation Letter

Dear Reader,

Her Campus Albizu recently received their very own Finals Survival Kit just as the semester was coming to a close.  We were so excited and surprised as we opened the box and found so many unexpected goodies!  The theme of the kit this year is #squadgifts, meaning we wanted to share the gifts with the beloved members of our Her Campus Albizu team who joined us in our first semester as a Her Campus team and as a newly registered school organization.  This first semester has been an amazing time for all of us because we brought something new and innovative (as many of our followers have said) to our university.  We are very proud to have the job of putting our university and its students in the spotlight, a place where they can all get to know the amazing talent within our university, as well as share an infinite amount knowledge with our readers.  We would like to thank our university for supporting us in every step of the way and our readers who have participated in our different activites inside the university and online by reading our magazine.  Without you guys, this would not be as successful.  

Her Campus has outdone itself as always with all the advice, activities and goodies they provided us with.  It is a great privilege to be a part of this community full of amazing and powerful college women who want to create a difference in the world by using the art of the written word to call attention to many style, beauty, health, love, life, career, entertainment, news, DIY, LGBTQ+, high school, and real world topics to help other college women all over the world deal with their daily life activities.  Thank you so much to Her Campus for allowing us to contribute to this cause and give our Albizu University students a chance to get to know this world.  

Our sponsors are amazing as always.  Yet again, we received more cold medicine from our friends over at Cold-EEZE.  We’ll make sure our team doesn’t get even the least bit sick during the holidays, a time of joy and fun with family & friends.  It seems to us like our sponsors know exactly what we need as Proactiv provided us with one of their skin care product kits for acne-prone skin, which is specially useful since living in a hot and humid tropical island tends to cause a lot of breakouts in our skin.  However, the nights can get cold, especially in the mountains. For those cold and windy mountain nights, the Vera Bradley throw blanket is sure to protect us.  We also received from them the cutest Zip ID Cases which we plan to give away as a New Year’s gift to our readers (so you guys need to stay tuned!).  Admit See’s drawstring bags and sunglasses were an amazing way to bring attention to their college application & essay advice website for high school students wishing to enter their dream university, as well as give our team meaningful gifts to show our appreciation for their work with us.  The team was especially excited with the Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold-Scented Flash Tattoos, it’s the perfect accessory for all the Christmas and New Year’s parties we’ll be going to.   

Happy Holidays to all,

The Her Campus Albizu Team.

Albizu Her Campus
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