Halloween Party Recipes You Need to Make This October

Recipes you have to make at your Halloween party!


It’s that time of the year again, between midterms and Christmas yes Halloween! Who doesn’t like Halloween? And if you really don’t like it at least something might make you happy about the season the pumpkin everything even adding a twist to your coffee fix, the weather, or the fact that the countdown for Christmas after today just begun. But, if you do have plans for the spookiest day of the year additional to the ones after syllabus week you might want to check this article out, or if you don’t have plans and need ideas you might want to check it out too it might be easier than you thought.


  1. Jack-O-Lantern Orange Pepper Mac & Cheese: First of all who doesn’t like Mac & Cheese? It’s the same deal as it is with Halloween, so how about giving a twist to what you already have every day for dinner with a Halloween theme? This consists of cooking as you will regularly cook your regular Mac & Cheese but adding extra cheese, bacon, ground beef and any other thing you might like. Then, you carve the orange peppers into pumpkin faces, bake it 5 minutes and done! You just won best party favors ever. 


    2. Brownie Cookie Candy: Yes, You read that right you will have the other two that never leave you alone on a Friday night besides your cat and bottle of wine in a same recipe minus the cat and wine on it. Bake your brownies as you like it or usually do, but now use that leftover candy from Halloween and cut it into pieces and add it to the brownie batter bake it all together boo to you, magic. Oh, and don’t forget the candy corn!


3.Spooky Quesadillas: Cheese, because almost everyone likes cheese so they must like quesadillas too. It’s easy and it’s fun to make just grab your favorite mix of bagged cheese, punt cooking spray in a pan carve pumpkin faces to the tortilla and watch the cheese melt away.



4.Hocus Pocus Halloween Punch: We will need something to drink after all this tasty treats. Why not treat your guests or yourself with a fruity non-alcoholic punch? This will only consist of:


  • 6 oz Izze Peach
  • 8 oz  V8 Peach Mango
  • 1 scoop of mango sorbet

           Mix them all together in a blender and I present to you your new favorite drink!




5.Mummies in a blanket: You’ve probably heard about pigs in a blanket already, right? Well this is very similar but with the Halloween twist to it. You will need Puff pastry cut into pieces and then you will need to wrap your hot dogs (or mummies to be) in the puff pastry, brush them with beaten egg and bake at 350 for 12 minutes. Later add some mustard, ketchup or any other sauce and enjoy!




Now, you have an idea for that last minute get-together between friends, have fun with it and get your scare on!