Friendship at first sight: my sister from another mother

Somewhere, I read one day that we don't need force an organic moment; everything that is destined to be, will be in the correct time. What we are about to tell you, was exactly that.

Here is how everything started...

It was an instant connection. We met through an email, because Her Campus Albizu was looking for new writers. Then, we started texting. It was truly amazing because we kept surprising each other with how much we had in common. Let us start by saying that we have the same name… and the same nickname! And guess what?! We both love books!! One of us was born in mid January and the other in late December. You know what that means? We are both Capricorn!

We live like 2 ½ hours away from each other; so yeah, we haven’t met face to face yet, but we are working on it. We are pretty sure it’s going to be epic!

We are always talking about a lot of things and many ideas. We are both this kind of person who is always doing something. So we think this is great for us and what we’ll be doing as a team, for Her Campus.

I (Mariely Rodz) always believe that everything happen for a reason. This magazine bring us together this time. I’m super sure this is only the beginning of a very productive friendship.

And I (Mariely Vélez) think that this is a space to grow and to learn from each other. So yeah, I’m sure this was meant to be!   

We are sure this is the beginning of tons of collaborations, Her Campus is only the first!