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Five reasons to live alone

Freedom is priceless. Many people do not appreciate the benefits that living alone can bring, people should realize that by this you could have all the control to go on with your life as you plan to. Just you, yourself and no pants or bra at all!. Here five reasons to live alone

1.    You can invite whoever you want Perhaps one of the best things about living alone is that you can invite anyone you want to your new home. Who comes, who doesn’t  and at what specific time  you get to make all the social gatherings in mind.

2.    You become responsible for everything that happens Believe me, this is good. It means that you are no longer dependent on anyone. You are responsible for your time, yourself, stuff and future.

3.    You own the place It’s all yours, no sharing.The space will be at your disposal and you can do with it what you please. I can imagine myself , at first in my apartment and imagining and planning how I want everything to be; furniture, kitchen, pets if any… A girl can dream!

4.    You can eat whatever you want You can eat whatever you want, cook or order delivery. How about a pizza or sushi? It’s all up to you.

5.    And most importantly, you don’t need to wear pants or bra ever. Freedom at least! When you live alone you don’t have to be well put together all the time. Nothing better than coming home from a rough day and just taking your bra and pants away.

Loved and desired freedom, doesn’t it sound good to get home and do what you want, no matter what? Living alone will help you organize your life, your time and to get to know about yourself If you want to live alone do your research and plan ahead. Don’t  wait and start packing right away.         


Undergraduate Psychology Student in Carlos Albizu in San Juan Creative, Friendly, Reliable. Love to read, write, draw and paint. You can find her exploring, studying and eating in at Old San Juan or traveling around Puerto Rico. Her plans are to graduate from psychology and find a job.
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