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Death In Love

Death in love


Took me forever to figure it out

How your eyes hold so much doubt

How someone broke your heart

And had the nerve to kick it out


I see how you look at me

Waiting to see if I will hurt you

Calculating all my motives

When I just want to love you


Time has gone by

Your walls have been broken down

Took me time to figure it out

How to mend this broken heart


This love hasn’t been easy

But when is love a game

It’s something we take

It’s something that changes


Now we stand together

Loving more than ever

You’ve shown me what it means

To fight for that very being


Every I love you and every I hate you

I took them with me as a thank you

Now I can close my eyes and sleep on tight

As I wait for death to take me back and bring me light

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